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As discussed at the Annual Meeting this morning, it is very important to respond to the letter from John Fultz, Receiver of the Assets of our water system.
In order for them to make a decision as to which entity will be providing our water, they want input from us as customers.

There are two proposals currently pending:
Bi-County Water Supply Corp. - a non-profit water supply corporation located in Pittsburg, Texas;
Texas Rain Holding Co., Inc. - a water and waste water system management company located in Granbury, Mansfield and Kilgore;

The final decision as to which entity is to acquire our water system is subject to approval by the Court and the Public Utility Commission.  In order for them to make their decision, your comments are needed.

Please forward these comments to or call [936]825-7833.
This is a very important issue and your attention to this will be greatly appreciated.
If you have any questions, email me at
Thank you!
Pam Goforth

Upcoming Events:

Dock Fund Raiser Breakfast
Saturday, August 6, 2016

A letter of concern regarding loose dogs within the subdivision. Please read.

Thunderbird Point Owners Association
471 County Road 2603
Pittsburg, Texas 75686

The Board of Directors of this Association, in an effort to insure the safe, sanitary, and peaceful enjoyment of the property of members and families in Thunderbird Point, is advising you of the following issue[s] concerning your property:         

 Uncontrolled dogs that appear to be your pets have become a nuisance in that they are running into the street at vehicles and passersby and trespassing on other members’ properties.

This notice is given to you as a courtesy.  Please note the following concerns for you and your pets:

  • A pet owner can be sued if an uncontrolled animal bites or harms someone. Our children sometimes forget the dangers of approaching dogs they are not familiar with.  Please help us keep them safe by penning your pets.
  • A pet owner can be held responsible for damages done by their uncontrolled pet.  For example, if the animal runs into the street and causes damage to a vehicle going by, the pet’s owner can be held liable for repairs to the vehicle.  Not to mention that your pet may not survive the “run in”.
  • A property owner has the right to protect their property.  This means they can legally kill or trap any animal causing damages if they catch that animal on their property. There have been instances of poisoning of problem-causing animals in the subdivision.  The Board does not condone this; however, it is a risk you take by letting your pet roam free.
  • Feeding abandoned animals makes you the pet owner in the eyes of the law. While we understand that people may feel a compassionate need to feed these abandoned pets, there is a responsibility that is taken on when this causes the animal to remain in our area and around your home.
  • Feline leukemia is present in the area.  Free roaming cats may be susceptible to this fatal disease.
  • Wild animals may carry rabies and other diseases that could harm your pets.

If further action is necessary, the situation may be reported to the Sheriff’s office.

Marshall Jackson
President of the Home Owner’s Association





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